Jackson and Athens


1Fun Galaxy is proud to offer fundraising opportunities to various non profit organizations such as PTO’s, church groups, ball and cheer teams, etc. We offer three different kinds of programs, each specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization and help you to achieve your financial goals.  The best part is that we clean up and provide all the fun!


This is our number one money maker for PTO’s!  We can tailor this program to a degree to work for most anyone needing to raise funds but here is how it works for PTO’s…Each child is given a sales flyer to presale admission tickets ($7 each) to Fun Galaxy. They get prizes based on a sales goal. The kids will certainly purchase tickets for their own use, and they can sell to neighbors, church friends, relatives, and other acquaintances outside of school. People that purchase the tickets can use them to come skating at their convenience.  The school informs us as to how many tickets were sold and we deliver the tickets to the school for distribution. The school receives 50% of the profits. (I.E. 500 kids sell 2 tickets each yields $7000.)  Two great points is that it only takes one person to distribute the “product” and it’s something people want and can actually use versus similar fundraisers. Push your school to get on board!


You must have a minimum of 25 people attend your event.  Your group comes out during one of our regular sessions, pays the admission fee for that session,  we total up the amount spent by your group for admission and then we give you 30% of that total. Very simple and it will be the easiest “fun”draiser you’ll ever do.


Schedule your event and have the privacy of our facility to yourselves with only your guests.  Your organization establishes their own admission price.  You control your profit margin.  A two hour event requires a $225.00 fee for up to 100 people.  Add an additional $2.00 per guest fee for each admission over 100.  Example:  Have 100 people attend at $5.00 per person for a two hour session and your group  profits $275.00.  Not bad for doing nothing but having fun.





Get started on your FUNdraiser Today and see what everyone else has been talking about!  Fun Galaxy FUNdraisers are the way to make the money YOU NEED for YOUR ORGANIZATION!  Don’t miss out!