TUESDAY:  5-8p.m. / PRICE: $6.00  This is a great night for younger kids and families.

THURSDAY: 5-8p.m. / PRICE: $5.00 ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA. Summertime fun that includes skate rental. Wowzer!

FRIDAY: 7-11p.m. / PRICE: $11.00 Friday night is kid hangout night. It’s basically the best blend of Top 40 hits. It’s just a BIG party to get your weekend kicked off right.

SATURDAY DAY: 12p.m.-6p.m. / PRICE: $8.00 Welcome to our birthday parties. Every Saturday it’s time to throw the biggest parties along with having tons of fun. Don’t worry, you can still show up even if it’s not your birthday because this session is for the whole family.

SATURDAY NIGHT: 6p.m.-11p.m. / PRICE: $11. Family Night at the Galaxy. $50 Family Deal covers 5 admissions, skate rental, 1 large pizza, and a pitcher of drink! (Save $28. Mom or Dad must be present during session.) Every Saturday night it’s on and we’ve got all the fun your family can handle. You don’t want to miss a single Saturday night!

*Take $3 off if you have your own skates except Thursday night. ALL kids must pay to enter. All prices include skate rental & taxes.  Sorry but NO checks.  We do have a $1 admission charge for any non-skating parents.